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Secco electronic for optimal force『A body forming inductorMolding Choke』Professional design production manufacturers。Companies from the application requirements of the guests began to design simulation、Selection of materials、The automated production to quality engineering and engineering analysis,The overall solution to offer to our customers。Optimal force team deep inductance technology in more than ten years,Integrated forming inductor applications from consumer electronics products、Industrial computer to on-board system, and so on,Specifications and features a comprehensive product line meet the needs of diverse customers。

CoilForce,The power of an inductor,In order to optimize the power of science and technology to our customers to force solutions and services。

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Qualification certification

ISO9001:2015 ISO14001:2015 IATF16949:2016

Service customization
The product series is complete,According to the needs of customers to provide professional advice。And for special non-standard requirements development services。
Professional advantage
Have identified high-tech enterprises and r&d center of jiangsu province。Has its own r&d capacity and automation production workshop of powder。
Quality assurance
To go throughIATF16949Certification,And formal supply vehicle system。According to the production car high standard quality standard products,Provide consumer electronics and other customers higher quality guarantee。


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